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10 most stunning hotels in India

With moolah to spend and a penchant for world-class hospitality, luxury-loving travellers demand nothing but the best. These days, it is simply not enough for hotels to have a star ranking and good reviews – they need to look gorgeous too! Here’s a pick of

Strategies for Securely cooking and planning food

Cooking doesn’t only result in the taste in our food better, it may also help us avoid food borne illnesses because of contamination. The result will rely on the temperature, time your meals are exposed to warmth and also the technique used. Eating raw food

Exciting Activities for Adventure Lovers

If you are an adventure junkie who is confused with choosing appropriate activities for your next adventurous trip, be it to any part of the world, each country has its own adventure sports options. There is always a high demand for adventurous activities across the world. You should try

Top Best Heritage Hotels in India

A colonial hill residence with tea gardens for a view, a mist-wrapped palace in fragrant plantations. What set these heritage hotels in India apart is that instead of the usual standardized run of the mill experiences at some of the finest luxury hotels in the

Calories in Restaurant Food Are Higher Than You Expect

Americans obtain a third of the daily calories, and spend 1 / 2 of their food dollars on eating at restaurants, which can generate problems considering that calories in restaurant food are frequently greater than expected. To tempt customers into ongoing this behavior when confronted

General Strategies For Travel Overseas

Purchase your electrical adapters AND converters in your own home before leaving. Overseas destinations will likely possess a different electrical current that isn’t suitable for most U. S. electronics (though lots of people report their laptops work fine in Europe) that you might carry. Such


London is really a wealthy city however hotels are fantastic and suit all classes of budget. Cumberland Hotel The Cumberland is a superb hotel in West London noted for its leading edge design and inventive atmosphere. This hotel includes a stylish decor with personalized pieces

15 Very Helpful Cooking Tips

1. If you wish to keep your fish pieces fresh for just two-three days within the refrigerator, wash them correctly, pat dry and rub a pinch of turmeric & salt and it inside a Ziplock pack. 2. Wash ocean fish with Luke tepid to warm

Things You Should Know About Portugal

Portugal is popular for its waters, Cristiano Ronaldo and food. However, there’s more to these than what you may have known about this country. If you are planning to have a voyage Portugal, below are some of the things you should know about Portugal. It is